LargeSoftware Pc Tune-up

LargeSoftware Pc Tune-up 

PC Tune-Up - Computer Running Slow, freezing, or Crashing PC Tune-Up can help

Bring Your Slow Running Computer Back to Life

  • Breathes Life Into Your Computer
  • Speeds up your PC
  • Makes a quick backup of your system
  • Scans for bad files and errors
  • Clears clutter to increase space on hard drive
  • Conserves valuable resources
  • Breathing Life into Your Slow Computer - Advanced Defrag Software
    PC Tune-Upâ„¢ defrag software will walk you through four easy steps to clean your PC, optimize your settings, and keep your computer running smoothly. If you are an advanced user, PC Tune-Upâ„¢ has customizable options to help you restore PC performance to your exact specifications.
  • Restoring Operating Speed to Your Slow Computer
    You no long have to worry about your computer freezing, crashing, or running slowly. Forget about rebooting your PC when it crashes... again. PC Tune-Upâ„¢ defrag software will have your slow computer operating smoothly with the click of your mouse.
  • Make a Quick Backup of Your System
    For your protection and convenience, PC Tune-Upâ„¢ defrag software will do a complete backup of your files and provide a restore point to undo any changes.
  • Scan Your Slow Computer for Errors and Bad Files
    A PC Tune-Upâ„¢ scan of a slow computer provides a list of errors accompanied by brief descriptions and recommended fixes. All you have to do is accept the recommended updates. Plus, PC Tune-Upâ„¢ defrag software provides a number of scanning options. Your can do a quick scan of your main files or a smart scan of all your drives.
  • Clears the Clutter to Increase Space on Your Hard Drive
    Over time, your PC becomes bogged down with unnecessary files that can slow your computer down. PC Tune-Upâ„¢ safely removes these excess files.
  • Conserves Valuable Resources
    We made PC Tune-Upâ„¢ defrag software as small as possible - only 3MB! Because of its compact size, PC Tune-Upâ„¢ takes up less space on your hard drive than other larger programs that actually guzzle memory and further drain your computer's performance.
  • Contact Large Software®
    To get started restoring speed and functionality to your computer, order PC Tune-Upâ„¢ today. You no longer have to experience the frustration of slow computer speeds, freezing, and crashes!

  • Current Version: PC Tune-Up 2016
    File Size: 4.03 MB
    Supports:Pentium or compatible system
    Memory:At least 32 MB RAM
    Operating System: Compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista / 2000




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