Native Instruments Komplete 8 UPDATE

Native Instruments Komplete 8 UPDATE


KOMPLETE PLAYERS brings you three powerful audio platforms for free: REAKTOR 6 PLAYER, GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER and KONTAKT 5 PLAYER. The included libraries provide over 500 sounds and effects, from futuristic synthesizers to edgy drum rhythms, stage-ready keys, versatile amp emulations, effects, and much more. Plus you get BLOCKS WIRED: A set of three pre-patched modular synths created with REAKTOR Blocks.

Powered by REAKTOR 6, BLOCKS WIRED is the perfect gateway to the world of modular synthesis. Its three pre-patched modular synthesizers are capable of a near-infinite variety of sounds, spanning the full history of modular synthesis. Included are the West Coast–inspired Lumikko, sequenced modulation machine XY, and Submotion – a classic subtractive synthesizer that boasts a wide range of timbres and textures.

The free REAKTOR FACTORY SELECTION includes four powerful, unique devices: Lazerbass, a pure and direct modern monosynth; Carbon 2, an updated version of the much loved workhorse synthesiser Carbon; SpaceDrone, 96 parallel voices for endless atmospheric pads; and Newscool, a unique and unpredictable generative sequencer.

GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER is ready to rock from the outset, with FACTORY SELECTION: A free selection of 17 cabinets and 13 powerful sound-sculpting effects, plus the Jump Amp – an unmistakeable tribute to a British classic. Putting it all together in a custom, studio-quality effects chain, is as simple as drag and drop.




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