Tested by our team over a period of 3-months, this system is presented in a NOOB-FRIENDLY format and details how to be successful right away. You’ll learn a BRAND NEW and LEGAL method on MAKING A LOT OF MONEY. QUICK FACTS: 1 - I make over $1,500 a day running e-commerce stores. I’ll teach you step-by-step on how to create your own. 2 - This is totally legal. 3 - I can run my business from anywhere in the world with my laptop and an Internet connection.

With this guide, I slice through the crap and show you precisely how I start and run my business. I put over $15,000 in courses to master this and have given you EVERYTHING I've learned in this guide. You get the BEST PRACTICES at a FRACTION of what I spent! Why share this? Because we're going to be in different markets (millions to choose from), you entering won't touch mine. Plus, it's my way of giving back to the Bay! WHAT’S INSIDE THIS GUIDE:

CHAPTER 1 – How To Set Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of getting started. CHAPTER 2 – What Products to Sell? This is one of the most difficult areas for new sellers. Here, you’ll learn the methods I use to identify the top product opportunities that are selling super amazing today.

CHAPTER 3 – How to Find Trustworthy and Cost-Effective Suppliers Here you’ll learn how to find suppliers, vet them to make sure they’re trustworthy and provide top quality items. Also, you’ll learn how to negotiate the best terms with them.

CHAPTER 4 – Creating Your Product Listings Having a niche and unique product listing is top priority to reaching high traffic volume. You’ll learn the SEO-type key words, descriptors, photos, etc so buyers find YOUR page and not your competitors. CHAPTER 5 – Game Time: Launch Your Product A lot of new sellers mess up this part. I show you exactly how I bring my new products to market.

CHAPTER 6 – How to Boost Sales with Paid Advertisements Once you start making bank roll cash, you’ll learn how to MULTIPLY this income through paid ads.

CHAPTER 7 – How to Increase Reviews with an Automated Email Management System Reviews are really helpful for boosting conversions (i.e. people that hit your product page actually making a purchase). I give you the email sequence I use to have happy customers leave 5 star reviews. This strategy requires startup capital as I'm showing you to buy inventory (commonly from China) that you will brand and after that offer on Amazon. You can begin for a small $1,000. While this may appear like a considerable measure of cash, I'm not mindful of some other opportunity that permits you to take a small investment of $1,000, to the point that pays you THOUSANDS every month for as meager as $1,000. You will make your investment back almost immediately! WHAT IS NEEDED TO RUN MY SHOP? Internet. Get access, manage this business from anyplace on the planet. Amazon Selling is so user friendly, you don’t need any background in coding or such. AM I ABLE OPERATE THIS BUSINESS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD? Of course!

Amazon has a list of approved countries for sellers. Please check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200417280 IS THIS SYSTEM LEGAL? Duh, hence the title, lol. This method is 100% legal. IS THERE SUPPORT? Friends, when you invest and purchase this system, I will be here every step of the way. Just checkout my feedback and you’ll see a ton of positive support from my customers. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This system will 100% change your life, you can quit that boooooring job! I know this, because it has changed mine big time! Lets get started! Please note, you will also need the following: ✔ Willingness to learn a simple system ✔ Willingness to learn and make EASY MONEY NOTE: To Minimize Saturation, Our System Will Be Limited To 10 Sales Only – ACT NOW!

Terms and conditions 

If the Item you bought from me is works as described in the listing, you will not get a refund. 2. You will not make a dispute without contacting me first, Because I am always here to help you and will get things worked out first. If this may be the case, I will open a dispute. 3. Also, Please DO YOUR research Before you buy from us to make sure this is what you want. If an item is only $2, keep in mind you may not get a super get rich make $10,000 system. We keep descriptions as accurate as possible. 4. If you are dissatisfied, like note #3, CONTACT US FIRST before leaving negative feedback. Vendors are here to make sure everyone is taken care of, makes money, and such. We will resolve any issue/concern with you. FAILURE TO DO THE ABOVE WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE BLACKLIST, CONTACTING ALPHA BAY ADMINS, AND OPENING A DISPUTE. We don’t want to do this, so just contact us first with any issues, we will resolve it and leave you satisfied.




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