Exchange Server 2010 Standard User CAL Open Govt 381-04209

Exchange Server 2010 Standard - User CAL - Open Gov(Electronic Delivery) [381-04209]

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A User CAL permits one user (using any device) to access or use Exchange server software. User CALs are likely to be more cost effective than Device CALs if there are multiple devices per user (for example, a user has a laptop and handheld computer accessing Windows Server). A minimum of 5 CALs is required along with a server license.

Exchange has gained new capabilities over the years. See what's included in each version and what's new in Exchange Server 2013.

If your local, state or federal government agency is using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard as its mail service, all users will need a client access license (CAL) to see the full benefits of this popular program. Without a CAL, the user will not be able to access the Exchange server. Exchange Server 2010 has won awards for being the best mail server available and despite there being newer versions on the market, it remains a popular mail server choice today. Two types of CALs are available for Exchange Servers, Device and User. This User CAL is perfect for employees that need to have access to their email when not in the office. Users with this type of CAL can send emails from their desktop PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone and all transmissions will be secure as a result of the many security measures in place. These measures include data compliance and loss prevention tools that will help companies easily protect communications. Exchange Server can also be set up to perform to the needs of an individual business as opposed to a one size fits all approach to mail servers. This is a license for use only with the Standard version of Exchange 2010 and this is an open license meaning it is part of the Microsoft Volume Licensing program. This program is for businesses, and in this case governments, with between two and 250 computers that require access to the Exchange Server. The open license program represents a good way for governments to keep costs down because it allows for the purchase of licenses on as as-needed basis rather than being forced to buy licenses in bulk.

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