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this strategy is PRIVATE, and is NOT included on the main guide file that you will get, and not ALL customers will have access to this bonus guide
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with this strategy i have made THOUSANDS of dollars in few days with this trading shit (If anyone is in doubt about my money making claims, i can give FULL PROOF of them, just email me at johnmccollins.ru@gmail.com asking it and i will show you all the details and legitimacy of my business here !)
For your information, just TODAY i have made a profit of $828 USD
with only FOUR TRADES within 2 TWO HOURS of trading work only !
HERE FULL PROOF > http://www.bitcointhief.us/images/trading1.jpg
this means that if we can repeat this same performance i had TODAY on day 22 july 2016, EVERY DAY, then this means we would be able to make $800 x30 days = $24,000 USD
so how good is a $24,000 USD per month
with only 2 TWO HOURS of trading work per day ???
but the good thing is that we can make MUCH MORE THAN THAT per day though.
Just made today exactly $4916 USD, almost $5000 FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in only 2 TWO MINUTES, from TWO TRADES only
in less than one hour
Here is the proofs on images below
1- www.bitcointhief.us/images/tradingwon25-07-2016.jpg
($1640 USD profit in only 60 sixty seconds / ONE MINUTE)
So this what i do is LASER TARGETED TRADES only using the private trading method i teach inside these bonus guide
So i can call these A DAY already and call it quit right now. I don't need to spend thousands of hours on front of pc trading over and over again.
Just with few BIG FAT LASER TARGETED WINNING trades like that i can make a very profitable day, and call it quit with less than one hour of trading, you know ?!
So you guys can see there is no bullshit here with me and that the strategy is working good and making BIG FAT MONEY !
Cuz you guys can see i have gone from $7537 USD bankroll
to $12453 USD bankroll within 2 TWO FUCKING MINUTES only
a $4916 USD, almost $5000 five thousand dollars profit !
with only 2 two trades, within only two 2 minutes, in less than one hour of trading !
so how good is being able to make
almost $5000 FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, in 2 minutes only ???
in less than one hour of trading work ???
And like i said if anyone is in doubt about my money making claims, just send me an email, and i will be glad to show you what's the deal with me, and that i'm not joking or bullshitting here !
But i believe this is solid evidence enough already, and like i will explain below, there is MORE PROOF inside the guides, and also VIDEO PROOFS too
Of LIVE winning trades being done in front of you ! So please KEEP READING to see what's more is included on this amazing guide.
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that is the number one important thing i wanted to say here.
is that i must warn you guys before about this guide in particular that you want to buy.
the thing is, UNFORTUNATELY i don't provide FREE lifetime accounts (yet) to this special tools that i am ''sharing'' on the inside of this guide, that are required / necessary to put method 3 and method 4 to work, you know ?!
only because they BOTH are '' web based '' tools, which means they are not installed softwares, they are web based, so you will use their apps from a private '' MEMBERS AREA '' with unique user name + password made only for you
so for this reason i cannot give ALL MY CUSTOMERS, FREE access and include it all with the purchase of this guide, as much as i WANTED SO MUCH to do that
because to do that, i would have to share my login details on the members area of this 2 applications, which for obvious safety reasons, i cannot do, you know ?!
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FROM MY OWN POCKETS, you know ?!
which is no good deal for me as they deal with '' credit cards '' only
which means i would have to be using my credit card all the time to purchase a new account over and over again for each customer who buy through here, while the purchase is still IN ESCROW
which for me is TIME CONSUMING as fuck and is a no good deal
so for this reason i cannot do that, unfortunately
so knowing this, this guide here in particular, is my best money maker, which is the one who can make anyone the most money
but at the same time, it is the one that requires BIGGER investment in comparison with my others, you understand ?!
cuz the BEST tool for method 3, costs a ONE TIME FEE of only $47 + a fee of $148 USD ONCE PER YEAR for the pro upgrade of their main app, so total of $195 for this MAIN TOOL of the method 3
and the tool for the method 4 costs $250 Euros for LIFETIME LICENSE and LIFETIME access to their members area where you can use the tool from ANY browser worldwide, does not matter if you are on a trip
if you are on a plane, if you are even IN CHINA, you will still be able to use the tool from any computer with internet access and make money off the casinos while FROM BEING ANYWHERE
by paying a ONE TIME fee of $250 Euros, and you have LIFETIME access to it
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and the rest is only BANKROLL investment only
which with a bankroll of only $475 USD, you can pretty much RAPE the casinos and the trading scene with these 2 tools i share in the guide, OR with my own BONUS PRIVATE trading strategy (That requires NO INVESTMENT, and NO TOOLS too), ok
so i am being VERY CLEAR here about that this guide is not for '' broke '' people, as this is a guide about INVESTMENTS
so this means it is made for people WHO HAVES MONEY TO INVEST, you understand ?!
so in case you are a little short of money, you can always use the bitcoin investments METHOD 1 to RAISE SOME CAPITAL and DOUBLE your bitcoins x 180% within 2 months GUARANTEED
and then with the profits from this investment, then you go and use the money for anything else that you wanted to do, but did not had enough money for it initially, ok ?!
Amazing new guides teaching 4 FOUR DIFFERENT methods for a MINIMUM of DOUBLING your bitcoins investments x 180% within 2 months GUARANTEED, ANY AMOUNTS accepted, and many more BIG MONEY MAKING DAILY PROFITS opportunities teached in this amazing guide. Let's see in details now what is included in this amazing guide.
The guide haves a total size of 403.44 MB because MANY VIDEOS are included inside the folder, not only the guide file, and it haves total of 71 pages jam packed with life changing information!
So please continue reading to see what's included :).
But these discounted price of $500 USD will remain only during the first month of launch only, then after first month price will rise to $1000+ USD to match the incredible amount of quality methods / information shared in this guide on how to invest your bitcoins WISELY and make BIG PROFITS on daily basis.
With the methods teached in this guide it's possible for anyone to make BIG figures like $10,000 USD PROFITS in no more than ONE DAY depending on how big is your initial investment / start-up capital / bankroll
also GUARANTEED profits of no less than $2240 USD in only 25 minutes with a start up capital / bank roll of only $475 USD, more than QUADRUPLYING your initial investment 4.8x times in only ONE DAY and the best thing is that ALL THIS IS 100% LEGAL MONEY, absolutely no fraud of any kind involved
only the BEST + FULLY ANONYMOUS money making bitcoin investing method / strategies
And for your information all this money made have 100% FULL PROOF both on INSIDE of my guide and also in the form of VIDEO PROOFS of not only this $2240 USD profit being made LIVE in front of you in video form, to PROVE that the methods are working 100% so no one can doubt it but also i am including other 3 video-proofs inside the guide folder PLUS + a link to a private personal page with more than 50 FIFTY WINNING online trades of all kinds of different assets being made and traded LIVE in front of you and returning profits of NO LESS THAN 91% over our investments dating back to THIS WEEK just a few days ago and also back to even ONE MONTH ago with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS being made LIVE in front of you in HIGH DEFINITION video format just to PROVE that the methods are working 100% with no jokes, no trash talk and no bullshit here, just the REAL DEAL!
All this money are being made with the help of the latest cutting edge technologies that i will share/reveal them to you inside the guide and hook you up into something that can change your life and allow you to quit fraud forever within a short period of time.
Now let me explain ONE BY ONE the FOUR different methods of bitcoin investments shared in this guide now.
One IMPORTANT thing to notice here is that i am a bitcoin lover and enthusiast
and this guide is about BITCOIN INVESTMENTS only, no other currency will be used for payments/investments and withdrawals, ONLY BITCOINS always, ok ?!
So let's take a look in detail about each method shared in this guide now one by one.
In this method here i reveal to you guys ONE trusted bitcoin investments company, that can take investments as low as $10 bucks up to even $500,000 USD and DOUBLE your bitcoins x180% within 2 months.
NOTHING TO DO no buttons to click, no complicated web surfing, no surveys NOTHING OF THAT SHIT
Just simply INVESTING YOUR BITCOINS and getting DAILY PAYMENTS from them every single day until the deadline of 2 months / 60 days is reached and you get your initial investment multiplied x180% which means for every $1000 USD you invest on their company you get $1800 USD back, a $800 USD profit and almost DOUBLED your money, and if you invest $10,000 USD you get back $18,000 USD, a $8000 USD profit right here within 2 MONTHS with DAILY PAYMENTS and unlimited amount of withdrawals. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO just invest and sit back and watch your money grow. Nothing to worry either as they are very trusted company that i will reveal to you in this guide. So this is method 1 one. So if right now you don't have enough bankroll to get started on other investments, or to buy something IMPORTANT that you want to buy, then you can invest what you have in this company and watch your money get DOUBLED within 60 days over and over again.
Now let's see what method 2 is about.
* METHOD 2 *
On method 2 also there is NOTHING TO BE DONE too. We will be investing our bitcoins on another TWO very trusted bitcoin investment companies, but of a DIFFERENT nature / kind than the bitcoin investment company shared in the first method, with different daily payout ratios and expected ROI deadline, but with AUTOMATIC daily payments. Like i said NOTHING TO BE DONE too, Just INVEST ANY AMOUNTS of your bitcoins on them and get paid a FIXED AMOUNT / FLAT RATE, FOREVER / LIFETIME contracts. Depending on the amount you invest, you can get DAILY payments of around $250-$312 USD, which would be a GUARANTEED and PASSIVE income of $10,000 USD per MONTH, FOREVER. So this is your ROAD to PASSIVE and stable income being paid to you DAILY, 100% automatically directly to your bitcoin wallet. Can't get better than that :) !
Now let's take a look at method 3 now.
* METHOD 3 *
On method 3 is where BIG MONEY CAN BE MADE on daily basis, with NO LESS than 91% profit over ALL our investments all the time, within only 60 SIXTY SECONDS, this is where things become interesting because this is where real MILLIONAIRES are being made in short amounts of time. No other thing out there can make as much self-made MILLIONAIRES out there than ONLINE TRADING of assets. No jokes here guys.
I will be giving you for free a CRASH VIDEO COURSE on online trading teaching you from BEGINNER / NEWBIE to ADVANCED / PRO on trading assets online, that reveals EVERYTHING you will need to know to get started on online trading with your right foot forward. Things like how to operate with one of the most cutting edge technologies out there like metatrader 5, and build the best and most useful indicators to give ACCURATE results of a MINIMUM of 80% success rate, who will have us making profits as big as $10,000 TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in only ONE DAY. NO BULLSHITS HERE, FULL PROOF OF THAT HUGE TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PROFIT INSIDE THE GUIDE.
You will become a pro on using not only metatrader 5 but OTHER CUTTING EDGE TOOLS that will give us no random bullshit guessing / gambling shit but pure MATHEMATICS / SCIENCE and very careful financial markets analysis using MT5 and other latest cutting edge technologies that i will share with you guys that will put you among those 10% elite online trading investors that are making THE BIG MONEY daily !
In the guide folder, i will show you guys 3 THREE VIDEO PROOFS of 3 successfull trades being done LIVE in front of you FEW DAYS AGO on day 11/july/2016 and a private link to a personal page showing a TRACK RECORD of trades from up to over ONE MONTH AGO with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS being made in profit from LIVE TRADES recorded on video in HIGH DEFINITION so you can see that THE METHOD IS 100% WORKING and is a goldmine, not some bullshit mumbo jumbo you find out there. The 3 trades in particular have made respectively with only $50 bucks investment on all of them respectively
1- $50 trade = $85 USD profit in SIXTY 60 SECONDS
2- $50 trade = $85 USD profit in SIXTY 60 SECONDS
3- $50 trade = $87 USD profit in FIFTEEN 15 minutes
So a total of 160% profit IN UNDER ONE HOUR and all this 3 profitable trades done LIVE IN FRONT OF YOU in video so you can have no doubt that the method is working !!
So with some math here we have in total within ONLY 17 minutes a profit of $257,50 USD was made from THREE TRADES only !
And considering that we could only make $257 USD per DAY with this method using cheap ass $50 bucks trades and a bank roll as low as $500 initial investment, which $257 USD per day is still FAR FROM THE TRUTH cuz we can make MUCH MORE even up to $10,000 TEN THOUSANDS IN ONE SINGLE DAY (FULL PROOF OF THIS INSIDE OF THE GUIDE) from 6 trades only, but let's play conservatively here and consider we can only make $257 per day then this would still mean we would be making $7710 USD per EVERY MONTH with few hours of work
which is definitely NOT BAD, is not guys ?
How good would be making $7710 USD of STABLE PASSIVE INCOME, with few hours work
it's AWESOME already, but the TRUTH is that we can make MUCH MORE than that with this trading method to be honest, cuz we will have GUARANTEED and PROVEN and RECORDED 80%+success rate on our trades, which means we will NOT be winning ALL the trades, but OVER 80% of them, which will be enough to bring us MASSIVE PROFITS day in and day out guaranteed !
I will also show what are the BEST BITCOIN trading platforms out there with many advantages like
I will also show you how a $1000 investment / bankroll became
$14,000 USD within ONE MONTH only with the help of using the same cutting edge technologies that i will share with you guys in this guide !
And finally will show how TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS were made from only 5 FIVE winning trades within 10 TEN HOURS / ONE DAY only, from special trades with VERY HIGH payouts of OVER 200% with investments of as low as $772 USD and $2672 USD trades AT ONCE, for getting payouts of $965 USD profit / 125% ROI and $4008 USD profit / 150% ROI and few other winning trades that are being shown inside the guide for you guys to see this method is no joke here !
So how does it feels being able to pretty much DOUBLE your money x 160% EVERY SIXTY 60 SECONDS / ONE MINUTE, every single day ? You have to see this with your own eyes !
So now let's talk about THE LAST METHOD NOW, cuz i saved the best for last :P!
* METHOD 4 *
On this method here i will show you guys how to LAUNDER your dirty fraud bitcoins using the BEST and most reputable and 100% PROVABLY FAIR technology backed (which means you know you are not being cheated)
online bitcoin casinos while AT THE SAME TIME pulling out HUGE PROFITS like $2200 USD from a bankroll of ONLY $475 USD in only 25 TWENTY FIVE FUCKING MINUTES (FULL VIDEO PROOF OF THIS $2200 USD BEING MADE LIVE IN FRONT OF YOU INCLUDED INSIDE THE GUIDE FOLDER, SO YOU CAN HAVE NO DOUBTS THAT THIS METHOD IS WORKING AND THAT I AM NOT BULLSHITTING HERE !) using the help of some cutting edge technologies i will be sharing with you guys in this guide, from a '' certain '' game this casinos offer called '' European Roulette '' or '' Single Zero roulette '' where we have a house / casino edge of only of only 2.70% (1/37) over us so in this guide, you guys will be checking how we can launder our bitcoins while also beating this casino edge down to almost a 50/50% chance of 0% edge on their favor by using the help of some cutting edge technologies that i will share with you guys in this guide.
So the best way by far of laundering dirty bitcoins is instead of fucking throwing them on this bullshit tumblers like helix, bitblender etc and HOPE they don't fucking scam / steal our coins it's MUCH SAFER and better to chain them through bitcoin online casinos cuz
1- They are 100% ANONYMOUS
2- require only email registration
3- and will NEVER scam / steal our bitcoins like this bullshit tumblers do
(since if they do it means bad business to them cuz they want us to play on their casinos
and lose all our coins there, and not simply disappear with our coins
like this tumblers do)




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