Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

We will create an Artificial Intelligence chatbot for you: users will be able to chat with it as if it is a real person and automatically receive responses back.
Currently only Facebook, Kik, Slack, Telegram, Skype, Google Actions (Google Home), Intercom, Layer, Viber, LINE, Twilio (SMS) & Web bots are available in this gig. 
All I need is the responses or an outline of the bot. Inshort, you'll be able to visit a Facebook Page and click Message to talk to the bot through Facebook Messenger OR In case of others simply add the bot through its username and just drop a hi. It'll use AI/NLP to understand what the person said and reply accordingly.
The bot can also automatically receive payments from the user without ever leaving the app. (For shopping bots). Currently only Paypal Stripe are supported.
I can also integrate the bot with an API, Small Talk, RSS Feeds, etc.
It's also possible to broadcast a message to everyone that has used your bot, essentially creating a new marketing channel for your business.
For more complex bots, inbox me to get a quote.
Refer to the PDF attached to this gig for more information.
Inbox me if you have any queries, and I'll get back to you within 6 hours.




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